Monday, July 20, 2009

Kuala Kenyana

The moment that i will never forget in my life...first time far, far away from the persons that i love...lost in the middle of nowhere...return to the jurassic park.

Sweet moment at Perhentian Island.

The best picture that i had...all in one picture...friendship, happinest, love, sweet moment of me and friends.


Taken by Benny Andrew Esing at Airport Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan...just finished my job at Kelantan and waiting for flight turn back to's all about my passion...have a great, great, great job...very nice and lovely friends...i just can't leave my great's hurt me when i had to...too many tears...but i can't turning must go day i will make my dreams come true...all the sweet moment still fresh in my mind.

Memory of Perhentian Island.

It's all about me...just me...still search for someone who can really accept me...the real me...deep in my heart, one day i will come back to this island...there something missing in my heart, and i'll find it at this lovely island...where my love lost and it will be start and ended there.

When my heart speak.

Give me back my's hard to lost someone that we love for the whole's hurt me badly.

Me and you.

When we both together, it's became love...and the important are the one for me.

Me, You and the moon.

Picture was taken at Teacher's Educational Institute of Malaysia Campus Sultan Mizan Besut, Terengganu...Just me and you stairing at the moonlight...I love you so much...